Whovians Anonymous is constantly monitored by staff , they range from Trial Moderators to the Head Admin. The staff are there to help you whenever you need it, they can help with questions about the wide range of plugins that is used on the server, general questions and checking griefs and stopping arguments. They also monitor the chat to avoid swears and advertising.

Staff Ranks :

Trial Mod - This rank is the first rank you will get when becoming staff. This is only a trial and should end in two weeks when you will be judged to see if you can go on to become a Moderator. It has access to /fly /tp / tphere /warn /warninginfo /kick /ban  /mute and /co i.

Moderator - This rank is the lowest real staff rank which you get after passing the trial. It has access to all of the above commands and /co l /tadmin and /tgive

Admin - This rank is after Moderator and is a good rank to get to. It has access to all of the above commands and /cc /v and /rollback, they can also view the logs.

Senior Admin - This rank is gained when you are Admin for quite awhile and are good at your job. It has access to all of the above commands and /socialspy.

Head Admin - This rank is owned by LegoDragon2015. You are not able to earn this rank. It has access to all of the above commands and /gm.

Staff Members: -------------------------------

Shimeshi - Owner

WaffleMcluvin - Owner

LegoDragon2015 - Head Admin

'S'antionic - Builder

Tmellen - Senior Admin

Artistic - Senior Admin

Nimueh - Senior Admin

Sassycat427 - Senior Admin

Bookshelf028 - Admin

ObsidianFire- Admin

​NineMuses - Moderator

TFB_CHELSEA - Moderator

TeslaWolf- Moderator

Lokolava- Moderator

Squidslayer - Trial Moderator

(Some of these are rather opinionated due to not being written by a person of utmost intelligence)


Shimeshi is the main owner of Whovians Anonymous. He always helps when he can and helps the server continue to grow. He is very nice and is respected and looked up at. He is 18 and lives in America.


Waffle cannot be discribed in one mere bio. The second owner of Whovians Anonymous, though not as invested as Shimeshi.

LegoDragon2015 :



Possibly the most dedicated person to the server besides the owners. 




Quick learner and can quickly deal with problems that they may not know the answer to immediately.



Cool, level headed moderator that can answer most questions with ease.


He's a person. "That's all she wrote folks!"




Writes his own bio, because nobody can tell him what to do. (He also may be slightly competent at minor things. Do not trust with fire.)

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